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In sophomore year (I'm a senior now)Parker asked me to marry him and gave me a ring. I didn't know if he was serious or not, but I said yes anyways and kept the ring. Nothing extravagant, something he found in his house. I would always spin it when I was thinking. I loved the ring and the person linked to it.

And then I lost it. I think it was in Junior year, at the very beginning that I lost it. I remember washing my hands, then going back to that sink, and it wasn't there. Parker was heartbroken that I lost it. I was too. I let him down somehow. =[

But this morning, I found it!! ^_^ It surprised me. My thoughts were a million miles away from the ring. But I was cleaning the counters and there it was, in plain sight. So yay!

Later, mom's friends came to set up some little jewelry party. That why we had been cleaning at nine in the morning. I stood on the stairs and thought for a second that I could join them and make some jewelry too. I wanted to for a second. I imagined myself sitting in the middle of older, unfamiliar women, being the quiet on in the middle of gossip about strangers. Mom and some of the others would talk about God and prayers and blessings. I imagined myself silently resenting every word they said, something inside me screaming at me to run away from that group.

Then I didn't want to join them anymore. I silently continued my way up the stairs.


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