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Was yesterday a good day? I don't remember. And I don't want to put in the effort.

I was slightly depressed today. Thoughts of my dead mother going through my head, and reading about death in English didn't help.

All thoughts of her stopped, though, when I almost threw up and almost passed out. There was this pain in my lower area, I think it was my uterus, but it felt more to the left. And at first it wasn't that bad, just noticeable. Then after I told myself to relax it got worse. When the bus stopped I had to tell myself to not pass out. My vision was fading but I got off and sat on the sidewalk.

Nobody asked me if I was okay. The other kid on my bus just walked away, and some guy just walked around me.

So yeah, sat there for ten minutes trying to wither throw up or not pass out. So I rested my head on my knee and relaxed my entire body for a few minutes. Then I went to use the bathroom, which helped, because the full bladder didn't help the pain any.

So yeah.

But I got to play volleyball. That was fun. We went to a mormon church and all the girls there were nice and funny and crazy. It was fun.

So yeah. Turning in early, I feel fine now. Don't worry, I feel fine guys. I won't throw up anytime soon. I hope.



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