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I'll start with the serious thoughts first.
I'm going to be blunt and straight forward. And it's going under a cut.

censored  )

Today I put up babysitting signs, so hopefully I can get some money. I really hope so, soon. Senior year is difficult without the right amount of money for everything. I put them up with Isis, which was fun because when we were done we started screaming in the street. It was a good stress reliever.

I hope I don't forget about my Spanish homework tomorrow morning. I need to keep up my grades! >.<

Oh and Edo is still on my bus! just on a different stop. Which is awesome! Yay! I'll try hard to keep away from the angering subjects and keep her happy. I don't want this year to be another angry year for her. '>.>

But now all I wanna do is sleep. It's been a long day.
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I've been spacing out a lot today.  But this morning I had replies to things Edo said to me this morning. She told me that Her dad was blaming her for something she had no handle on. I wanted to say "Well, don't worry about it, he doesn't know. He's just assuming." 
And then she was talking about how her boyfriend is ... ignoring her? OR too busy to talk a lot recently, and it's depressing her slightly. I wanted to tell her that if Parker did that to me then I'd just get annoyed and start bugging him about it.

But I didn't say those things.

Why didn't I say those things to ease her mind?

Oh, and something pissed me off today. Well, not really, but I'm pouty about it. I want a new phone because this juke thing is getting retarded. So I want an Alias 2. So I asked my aunt if we have any upgrades, and she said that the next one we get either her or my grandmother will use.

Thanks. I guess I'll just go get a job and save up 320 dollars while you guys already have jobs and get the upgrade. Thanks. A lot.

I know I'm being pouty but I kinda wanna be. Period and all.

I wanna get high, but I'm nervous. And not really high, just to try it out, just to see what ti's like and to say that I've done it. 

And to get some crazy drawing or painting skills and make some awesome drawing or story or poem or something. My creative skills at the moment are at nilch.


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