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 I know, I know, a bit early for this one. But, might as well!
Yesterday I was kind of reminiscing about this whole year, and how I want to improve myself next year. 

More youtube videos!
I've had a youtube channel for a while now.... a little over a year. But, I haven't posted on it in a long time. Months. I want to get back into that swing of things because a: it could potentially be a goldmine, and b: it's something productive to do. Even if I don't achieve fame or whatever, it's something to work on when I'm bored or upset. A hobby, if you will. 

More writing in my journals
I definitely want to fill more journals this year. I want to capture every thought and moment. Of course, this is impossible, but I want to try my best, so that when I pass, my kin have something to remember me by. Something important and dear. 

Healthier eating
I've tried this year to eat healthier, but have failed a time or three. What with being busy almost all the time, I
 really want to focus on this again. 

Focus on witchcraft
I have been keeping up on this one pretty well. Every once in a while i'll find an interesting post on tumblr, and write it down in my current "BOS" which is a previous journal/scribble pad. I
 would love to actually start practicing it soon, maybe with my two friends that are mildly interested in astrology and tarot. I know the one would be all for it. He actively buys gems and candles for different aspects of his life. But I'd love it if Nat could join us. Maybe i'll set up something for the three of us. 

So I guess those are my new year's resolutions!
 I know some poeple like to do 17 because it's 2017, but that's way too many for me. Keep it simple! 
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 It's been quite a while! Three years, in fact. Three long, tumultuous years of ups and downs. 
First of all, the twins and I aren't friends anymore. 
Second of all, Niko and I never talk anymore. Last time I saw him was on my birthday..... And it was kinda awkward. 

What has happened in the past three years? 

-I made a youtube account and made videos about books! I've recently changed it to a journaling channel, and will be posting new videos in the new year. 
-I've been transferred from Food4Less to Smith's, Feb. of last year. I work in the Service Deli now, and things are crazy over there. 
-Parker and I are still together, and we are spending Christmas day together! I am very happy with him. 
-We still have our puppy, Stella. She's almost four years old now! 
-I have the Saturn Ion that my parents used to own. 
-My parents live in Pennsylvania now. They already want to move back after only a year of living there. 
-Jp. I have to write a whollllle post on my newest littlest brother and how worried I am for him. 
-Journaling! I write in a paper journal. I will be posting videos of it and my techniques on the youtube channel mentioned above. 
-I've met a girl named Natalie, and she's pretty much my new best friend. 
-Abi, my other best friend since middle school, has gotten married and had a baby girl named Luna. 

That's a lot that's happened, and I'm sure I'll catch you guys all up to date eventually. I'm just glad to be back here. Hopefully I can make some friends on here? I hope so. 
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I can't take it anymore! I'm going to spend this money I have. I'm going to buy things that will help me start making art journals! That's right. That's how creative I'm feeling today. I'm gonna order stuff and then wait for it to come in and then create! 


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