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I got new headphones, the rubber ones that go into your ears. I'm so happy, because now the world just disappears. The bass is also very good. I love it.

There is stress in my house, again, but mostly it's just mom. (as usual.) So what am I doing? Staying away until dinner. It's always like this, and it's not so bad. Whatever.

It's just the beginning of the week, and I'm happy. I hope it stays like this.

The other day, I was watching that commercial for anti depressants, where there's this wind up doll. I stopped what I was doing to watch some of it, and I realized that last year, I was hella depressed. I remember being confused and not caring and just being fed up with life. Not to the point of cutting, that was the year before. And now I look at myself, and I'm a completely new person.

I keep wondering when I decided to change, or when the old me left and the new me just come in and made this her home. I'm glad. I fit in. I'm not socially awkward like Chris or Dylan, even though they're not depressed. Just socially awkward. They don't know how it works. I'm picking up all of it really fast. I know where I stand, I know what to do to fit in.

So yay ^_^

I'm gonna go have some red meat! We haven't had any in a while since we have a vegetarian in the house.  I bought A1 steak sauce! YEAH!


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