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I found my journal from sophomore year last night. I was reading it and damn. There are about 400 hand written pages from the first day of school to may something. DAMN.

I skipped to certain parts and read. All these emotions came up when I read them. Like when I got grounded FROM my room. Or when some kid that didn't even know my name came up behind me and started playing with my hair. I had turned to look at him, and he put his arm down. I had quirked my head to the side as if to ask "HUH?" and he just nodded at me. ???

But yeah, it was interesting. And I don't want to stop writing a hand written journal. It's fun. Yay! ^_^
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Sorry, you're food looks nasty, even if the beans are still in their cans.
I'd rather have the packaged food any day.
So I come up here to escape that stuff
Maybe the music will make this world go away
As I'm bombarded by memories of my dead mother
It's been nine years!!
And now I can't think of it
Or else my chest will burn
So now I am not hungry
As if I were in the first place
So I'll pass on the fritos and beans
And have the ham and cheese instead.


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