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2009-10-07 07:10 pm
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I am so not doing my homework now.
If I am going to fail any class, it WILL be spanish. I am sure of it. Honors, for crying out loud. I'm just gonna copy from J-ko.
Sounds like a plan.

Today has been different. I've felt different on the inside. Not physically, but like....... emotioanlly? spiritually? (not religious but like.... the soul?) I don't know how to put it, except that it feels like there's some other.... essence, being is inside me or my mind, and I've been happier today. Like someone is here with me.
Like I'm more tuned to the world.
And it's been way way easier to be happy today. I told myself in the morning that it definately felt like happiness was clearer than anything else. And on the way home from my bus stop, Laughter came up and out of me for no reason. I thought of the laughter, and laughed some more.


I can never spell definately right. T_T

But yeah, I've been feeling different today. It's so weird. When I thought about it I could describe it, but then I tried telling Parker and I lost the words.........

But he was glad I was happy. It made him happy too. =]

I feel like writing a poem. Hm. Later, I have priorities..... That I'd rather not have. >.> Le sigh.