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Sleeping pills are my friend! :)

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Sep. 12th, 2012 08:21 pm
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so i walked all the way to the mall today and applied at almost every store. the walk there was long, hot, and exhausting. im going to the halloween store tomorrow to talk to a guy named Doug. i hope i get to working and get paid before the end of the month. i really need it.
now I'm  relaxing and watching my friends play mw3. this dr. pepper is super refreshing. gonna pass out soon so goodnight all. .

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My hand is shaking from a rockstar and lack of food so I can't really write notes. Eating as soon as I get home!
Anthropology is boring today. :/

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Today we have skirted barely out of the way of a math test. We convinced the teacher that since it is study week, we should study for the final. But that doesn't ease my busy mind today.

I need to complete my barely started essay by 5 pm. I am going to be at Parker's house this afternoon until at least 3. Also I have to do four math assignments online by midnight tonight, then start an art project for tomorrow. Jeez. Study week has been brutal so far. But after tomorrow I will be able to rest my weary head.

I didnt get much rest last night and this morning was so cold. I am desperate for the approaching holidays that promise freedom and warmth. I need to rest for a long while and drink egg nog with my family. I want the only troubles for me to be what presents to get and how to wrap said presents. I want hot cocoa for breakfast while watching lifetime movies with my grandmother.

Just this and next week, then freedom. I must endure this and study relentlessly. Then my freedom will feel earned, not cheated.

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