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In sophomore year (I'm a senior now)Parker asked me to marry him and gave me a ring. I didn't know if he was serious or not, but I said yes anyways and kept the ring. Nothing extravagant, something he found in his house. I would always spin it when I was thinking. I loved the ring and the person linked to it.

And then I lost it. I think it was in Junior year, at the very beginning that I lost it. I remember washing my hands, then going back to that sink, and it wasn't there. Parker was heartbroken that I lost it. I was too. I let him down somehow. =[

But this morning, I found it!! ^_^ It surprised me. My thoughts were a million miles away from the ring. But I was cleaning the counters and there it was, in plain sight. So yay!

Later, mom's friends came to set up some little jewelry party. That why we had been cleaning at nine in the morning. I stood on the stairs and thought for a second that I could join them and make some jewelry too. I wanted to for a second. I imagined myself sitting in the middle of older, unfamiliar women, being the quiet on in the middle of gossip about strangers. Mom and some of the others would talk about God and prayers and blessings. I imagined myself silently resenting every word they said, something inside me screaming at me to run away from that group.

Then I didn't want to join them anymore. I silently continued my way up the stairs.
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I always close my water bottle upside down. Not a good thing, because one of these days I can see myself waiting for an interview and sploooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. =[

Yesterday was so much fun. I went to Parker's house around 2. The whole day was just so much fun with Frankie around. Frankie is crazy. When we were putting the make up on my face, I was trying not to smile so it wouldn't crack, and Frankie wasn't helping at all. It was fun though.

After trick or treating in a big rich neighborhood, we went back to his house and watched transformers 2. And during, Parker gave me two hickeys. They're big and purple and on my collarbone. >.> I changed this morning and saw them and started giggling like crazy. I love him.

I didn't take any picture though. I regret that. I'm sitting here wanting to post a picture, and my camera is empty. =[ Sorry guys.

What am I going to do with all this candy? Usually I'm craving candy but now I have it and I don't want to eat it now. Maybe I will later. Hm.

It was funny. One guy said "Aren't you too old?" So parker played it off that I was his little sister and our other two little sisters were sick. The guy bought it too! While we were walking away we were still talking about "Amber" and how she'll like all the candy we got her. LMAO.

But it was our last year. I'm done with it now. It was a fun child hood. =]
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I'll start with the serious thoughts first.
I'm going to be blunt and straight forward. And it's going under a cut.

censored  )

Today I put up babysitting signs, so hopefully I can get some money. I really hope so, soon. Senior year is difficult without the right amount of money for everything. I put them up with Isis, which was fun because when we were done we started screaming in the street. It was a good stress reliever.

I hope I don't forget about my Spanish homework tomorrow morning. I need to keep up my grades! >.<

Oh and Edo is still on my bus! just on a different stop. Which is awesome! Yay! I'll try hard to keep away from the angering subjects and keep her happy. I don't want this year to be another angry year for her. '>.>

But now all I wanna do is sleep. It's been a long day.
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I was chatting with Parker. Then he starts refusing to reply. So here I am until he comes back.

Oh look he's back.

Oh well.

Today's been better than yesterday. it was cool. This guy hypnotized volunteers from the crowd at the senior presentation today. He kept telling them to fall deeper and deeper into sleep, down down down...........

And even the people who weren't hypnotized that day were dead tired all day. It was funny, almost everyone in the last class of the day fell asleep when we were supposed to read The Canterbury Tales. Haha

He went away again. =[

Today's been a good day. I'm especially loving the clouds. The sun still shines but the clouds are gathering from over the mountains. It makes the sunrise amazing.  yeah, the sun is rising when I get to school. So beautiful, with all the oranges and pinks just so fiery and in your face and vivid and ahhhhhhhhhh i love it.

So tired. Gonna go take a bath now. Too lazy to stand up.


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