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The past couple of days have been pretty much normal. Roommate went on a date with a girl and really enjoyed himself, then spent the rest of his day at his friend's house and or at work. Me and the boyfriend had amazing sex. I'm on the pill, so that's probably why. Now I'm going to work 7 hours today, then come home and color some more, because that's all I want to do. Sleep and color. And eat candy.
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I always close my water bottle upside down. Not a good thing, because one of these days I can see myself waiting for an interview and sploooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. =[

Yesterday was so much fun. I went to Parker's house around 2. The whole day was just so much fun with Frankie around. Frankie is crazy. When we were putting the make up on my face, I was trying not to smile so it wouldn't crack, and Frankie wasn't helping at all. It was fun though.

After trick or treating in a big rich neighborhood, we went back to his house and watched transformers 2. And during, Parker gave me two hickeys. They're big and purple and on my collarbone. >.> I changed this morning and saw them and started giggling like crazy. I love him.

I didn't take any picture though. I regret that. I'm sitting here wanting to post a picture, and my camera is empty. =[ Sorry guys.

What am I going to do with all this candy? Usually I'm craving candy but now I have it and I don't want to eat it now. Maybe I will later. Hm.

It was funny. One guy said "Aren't you too old?" So parker played it off that I was his little sister and our other two little sisters were sick. The guy bought it too! While we were walking away we were still talking about "Amber" and how she'll like all the candy we got her. LMAO.

But it was our last year. I'm done with it now. It was a fun child hood. =]


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