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 So, Niko never came over that night. Ah well. He had broken his little toe by dropping a brick on it. 

Last night was the twins' birthday party, and they turned 21, so naturally there was drinking. Needless to say, I got drunk. Like, drunk drunk, for the first time. Not tipsy. Drunk. It felt weird, because by the time I was going home, my tongue was feeling fat and going numb and dry and my world wouldn't stop spinning. But i somehow managed to walk to the front door, unlock it, and get into bed. 

Then I woke up four hours later for work! 

Work was fun, as usually. Same bullshit, different day. 

Puppy got spayed on Friday, and two days later she's already back to her old self. I have to keep an eye on her though, because sutures. In her tiny little belly. She also had two of her baby teeth taken out because the adult teeth were already growing in. >.<; So I have been giving her lots of hugs and cuddles and love. 
Tomorrow I work a nine hour shift and I really should be going to sleep right now, but all I want to do is write. :\


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