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 I went with a close friend to China Town today, to promote a Maid Cafe she is a  part of. I also just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours, and this was the perfect opportunity. After a day of playing games on the computer and wandering to the library in the summer heat, my friend picked me up outside my apartment in the evening. She told me right away that she doesn't like driving because she gets lost easily, and I assured her we would figure it out with my smartphone. We ended up getting a little turned around anyway.

When we got to the meeting spot, there were only two other members from the group, dressed up as maids. One girl had red hair, the other had grey braids. They started talking about their day, and I looked around the China Town Mall, my mind wandering. When would the others arrive? I was thirsty and curious, because i had never been there before, and I was also internally berating myself because I had no money to buy anything at this cute little mall with all of its pretty little key chains and Asian drinks. Oh well, I would have to window shop and suffer through my conscious berating me throughout the evening. 

After the others arrived, they realized that nobody had printed out any flyers, and my friend didn't even have her flash drive with the file on it. They had no way to print out the flyer that my friend had spent all night designing. So after talking about it, everyone decided to go to a store in the mall that sold little journals, notebooks, pens and pencils. They all chose a few little notebooks, and we wrote out little invitations to the Maid Cafe while sitting on the huge stairway in the entrance of the mall. After twenty minutes of hand-cramping work, we had our flyers. 

That's when I realized where they were going to advertise their group: At a burger truck. The leader thought the crowd would be young, hip, and the right kind for a maid cafe run by college student. But when we found it two streets over, the only crowd there was a DJ, some parents with their kids, and the type of guys you wold see in a street race meet up. Not the right kind of crowd at all.

The group stood around awkwardly for a few minutes, and that's when my friend and I had to leave this small adventure to return home. We took a few flyers, promising we would put them on some cars, and said goodbye to the group. 

All in all, it was a fun little event. That's it though. Not exciting, not amazing. A little fun, something to do out of the house. And we did put some flyers on cars, along with photos for proof.


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